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Find Out How a Friend of mine helped me to get some hot asses
First I have to say That I was very lucky to find this friend of mine. His Name is Marcus and I had long time without see him and I casualty find him on a Bar with This girl beside him after a couple of beer the lady went to the bath and I couldn’t wait to ask him how he meet that beautiful woman cause I remember him on the High school he was such a nerd and he couldn’t get a girl like that not even on dream, after he laugh a little we set up a meeting for the next day on the same bar and he promise me that he will teach me the secret, The girl came back form the bath couple of minute later they both leave the bar and went to his place to have fun together. Click Here!

Next Day Meeting
After my buddy left the bar I stay there up to midnight then went back to home tire of my unsuccessful dating live and to be honest with you a little bit pissed and wondering how the heck this guy was able to get this beauty and I wasn’t able to catch not even a fly :-). Well after a short drive I arrive home and went to sleep wondering the same thing the whole night. Click Here!
I woke up as normally at 6:00 am get ready to work and start my routine live the only difference I was little anxious to have that meeting with my friend at the bar. Finally I finished at work at 5:00 pm went home take a shower and went to the bar 30 minutes before the meeting. Once I arrived to the bar I ordered a beer and took a table to wait for my friend while I was watching a Baseball game. My friend came at 8:00 pm as we agree and I ordered for him a shoot of tequila and jar of beer. Click Here!
We start to bring us up to speed about our live after we left the High School and talk for a while how was our lives during the high school after we pass all that over, I ask him again How he was able to get that chick he had last night on the bar and he said with small smile in his lips ” Raph it was Easy and I’m sure you’ll be surprised when I tell you the history and teach you how to get a beautiful girls like that one.” Click Here!

The Conversation
Well well, here we are finally. Marcus start to ask me if I had computer and internet services and I answer him yes but I didn’t really use it that much cause I’m a computer nerd so I just have it to make some online payments and check my banks account but other than that I’ve never use it for something different. Well and I ask him why do you ask me for a computer I need a girl not a computer I said, And Marcus told me easy Ralph easy. Now I know you have all that you need he said I’m going to give you the key. Marcus told me about this amazing site named benaughty.com and that’s it. I say what? are you kidding me? No way Marcus are you telling me that all do I need to do is sign up for this site and that is also FREE!!!. At this time I though he was full of s… and all what he was talking was just a joke, but he insist that he was not lying and so I told him I will give it a shoot when I arrive home. Click Here!

That was all he said nothing else so I was little bit mad on him cause I though he was cheating me and he was paying for that girls. So we end up with some beer and he left I stay at the bar like other 30 minutes then I went home to try out Marcus online dating Theory.

At home after Marcu’s Tips
First Thing I did after arrived at home was power up the computer and grab a beer while my old IBM wake up. After the computer was completely on I launched Internet explorer and type at the address bar Benaughty.com and there it is the famous dating site that Marcus Highly recommend me. Click Here!
So I follow his instructions first thing I did was to Sign up FREE!. Then started to mess around the whole site to check what is all about. Oh Boys What I’ve found was amazing lot of really beautiful girls Click Here so I start to get in touch with the ones that really catch my eyes and heart while I was carefully reading their profiles. After an Hour messing around Voila I got my first reply, at that point I was so exited that couldn’t hold longer to read what Angel eyes wrote to me. Well to make a long history short after a few back and fwd e-mails we set up a date to that weekend and It was really wonderful no dinners, disco or any other kind of things it was really straight to the point Click Here!!! well after I get my first date I called Marcus and let him know my success and to say thanks very much for the tips. Click Here!

After 5 month using this service I’m really happy my whole live change I went from having no dates to have 3 or 4 per week. That’s why I decide to write this blog so others like me that can be on the same situation I was can change their life forever. So don’t wait longer and Click Here! If you haven’t done.